Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nice Snow!

I've measured 3 and 1/2 inches of snow this morning!

We have some expectation to get an additional 1 inch or less today.

Up to our northeast in Fentress County, I'm hearing a 4+ inch report.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

11 PM Update (Hint....Snow!)

At 11 pm, we have moderate snow falling. We've seen snow since 6:00 this evening. Right now, a Snow Advisory is in effect until 12 Noon on Wednesday. This is, easily, our biggest snow event of the 2007-2008 Winter Season. I've got 2+ inches on the ground, more in protected areas (like our patio furniture). Schools are closed for Wednesday.

Latest, local forecast here!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Beautiful Monday (Changes Coming Again)

We'll have a nice Monday after a chilly start this morning. Highs should be in the mid to upper 50's all across Tennessee with some southern and western locations pushing the lower 60's. By late tonight, storms roll across our area and Tuesday will be an interesting day. We should see rain change to a mixture and then to all snow by mid-afternoon.

Our latest, local forecast here.

My father in-law and I have discussed getting our Ham Radio operator's licenses. He thought this would be a good idea due to the recent tornadoes that struck Macon and other counties in Tennessee. I, too, believe it is a good idea as communications after a natural disaster can be very difficult. I would appreciate any input from you all on this subject.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Flu Fight Continues

After having a decent Friday healthwise, the chills and fever along with a sore throat have returned this Saturday morning. My temperature is 100.8° and did someone get the license plate of that truck that ran over me?

As for our weather, it is below freezing this morning with precipitation falling. Our patio furniture has a nice, frozen glaze on it. So do our automobile windshields. Cars, however, on the roads (that I can see) are moving at a decent clip.

Our latest, local forecast here.

I am under the care of a Doctor (and I know the GREAT PHYSICIAN, my daddy in heaven will heal me, too). In the natural, however, I'm taking Tamiflu along with the over-the-counter product "Emergen-C" and Tylenol. Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Flu Bug

Limited posting due to the flu bug...struggling with chills, body aches, fever, cough, sneezing and a sore throat...will catch up in a few days.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cold, Ice, Rain, and MORE!

It is going to be a crazy next few days in the Upper Cumberland section of Middle Tennessee.


Our latest, local forecast here

Timing, as usual, is everything with the next system. If it's late, then we'll have all rain. I do believe that whatever falls will eventually turn to all rain.

It is an interesting time to be an observer of the weather!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Snow Falling in Middle TN

While we've yet to see anything (at 6:30 am), snow has been falling in sections of Middle TN to the west of us. This snow event should wrap up by 10:00 am at the latest. We will see the active weather pattern continue this week. Watching a couple of systems that'll bring wintry weather for both Wednesday and Thursday.

Our latest, local forecast here!

Macon County Tornado Pictures

The National Weather Service-Nashville's survey team took photos from the Macon County tornado and have posted them here

Monday, February 18, 2008

President's Day Forecast

Good Monday morning to everyone. It is President's Day...designed to honor the births of Washington and Lincoln!

We'll be chilly once again today with windy conditions. Wintry precipitation is in our forecast for tonight through Wednesday. Not too impressed with the amount that will fall. The warmest day in the forecast period (right now) appears to be Friday with a high of just 52°

Latest, local forecast here

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Power Outages on Plateau

I believe that to the windy conditions (yet to confirm this), we are having intermittent power outages here in the Cookeville area....power was down about 35 minutes at my home.

Blustery Sunday

Winds have gusted overnight to 40 mph here in the Cookeville area. We will see this continue throughout the day...a Wind Advisory has been issued for today through 6 pm...details here

Our latest, local forecast here (tonight's lows have been moved upward a bit...not sure we'll see any accumulating snow)

I'll continue to watch any developing situation and post as needed.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lake Wind Advisory Tonight and Sunday

The National Weather Service has issued a Lake Wind Advisory for our area. See complete advisory here.

We were going to test drive a houseboat on Center Hill Lake on Sunday. Moved that test drive up to last evening due to impending weather conditions for this Sunday. Here is that boat.

My parents have signed a contract on it. I'll be taking reservations from my readers to go on the lake! :)

Active Weather Pattern Ahead

After a quiet Saturday, our weather will get cranked up once again. We'll see a slight chance for showers tonight, a big chance for thunderstorms on Sunday, with rain changing to snow on Sunday night. President's Day promises rain and snow with all snow by Monday night and just plain cold on Tuesday. Something for everyone!

Our latest, local forecast here!

Interesting post over at the News 2 Weather Blog about why the tornadoes missed the city of Nashville.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Another Snow Chance Monday?

President's Day will find most, if not all, schools closed this coming Monday. We're watching a possible developing snow system for Monday as well. Before then, we'll see quite a bit of active weather. Temperatures will push 60° by Sunday but with increased chances for storms and strong winds.

Our latest, local forecast here

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sometimes You Miss It

I chose this title to my blog post today because if you look at yesterday's post, I said the precipitation would likely move out before the cold air got here. Typically, in Tennessee, that is the case. Well, this morning, I awoke to not only snow on the ground, but also to a whole host of school closings. At least the kids will be happy about that!

In very plain and simple terms, I missed it yesterday! And that's ok!

Today will be COLD...highs struggling to reach 30° here on the Cumberland Plateau.

You can see the local forecast for us by clicking on the links to the right of this post. There are other links that will lead you to some interesting talk about today's weather.

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday Wind and Rain...

Looks like we'll see alot of wind and some rain...upwards of an inch for some locations for our Tuesday..behind the rain is COLD air again. We see Wednesday morning temperatures in the 20's again...don't think the precipitation will be here when the cold air arrives, thus giving us virtually no shot at any frozen precipitation this time.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Cold Start to the Workweek

Monday morning temperatures across Tennessee are cold. Several stations are reporting 16° at 6 a.m. Our forecast is for a cool day with highs just in the middle 40's...rain moves in tonight and on Tuesday and could possibly end as snow on Tuesday night.

Latest, local forecast here.

We have a complete report from Macon County concerning the devastation. I will post that later today along with a quite interesting story. More on that later.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Headed To Macon County

Today, my family & I head into tornado-devastated Macon County, TN. My wife's grandmother and uncle live there and they need help.

~More later.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Nashville Lightning!

Check out this incredible picture from Chris Wage that I found on post is located here. Congrats Chris...his work can be found here.

More Tragedy In Lafayette, TN

As if the residents of this fine community didn't have enough to deal with, a Pastor and his family were killed yesterday in an accident near where the tornado struck.

Reverend Michael Welch, who had setup a family crisis center after the tornado struck, along with his wife and two kids are dead. He was working with five different families who had lost loved ones in Tueday's tornado. Their vehicle was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer.

I am struck by the words of another Pastor in the community....
"He told me he had to minister to five families who found out they had lost loved ones," said the Rev. Don Jones, pastor of the First Baptist Church that is about a block away from the Methodist Church. "They had opened the church up to any survivors, any family members."

More at the WSMV-Channel 4 website here

Friday Notes

Our latest, local weather forecast here.

Tornado Information from NWS
Radar Loop from Tuesday night
Updated Storm Damage photos
How do SuperCells & Tornadoes form?

Special Section from Nashville's TENNESSEAN newspaper here

This Date in Weather History for Middle TN
On February 8, 1960...Nashville receives 7.4" of snow.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tennessee Emergency Management Agency

TEMA's Fifth Situational Report (Current as of 6:30 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 7.)

FEB 08Updated 7 Feb 08, 4:35 pm
A strong line of super-cell thunderstorms struck Memphis from Arkansas between 6:00 and 6:15 pm on February 5, 2008 and swept northeast through the state. These cells developed tornadoes in several locations causing severe damage to multiple locations in eleven counties from Shelby to Macon. The storms finally departed Tennessee shortly after midnight. There are 33 persons reported as fatalities by the Tennessee Department of Health and over 189 injured; one person is missing.

CLAY COUNTY• One injury (tornado).

FAYETTE COUNTY• One fatality in Somerville (Fayette County): truck overturned in tornado.• Up to 25 tractor trailer trucks overturned (revised) on I-40 between Mile Markers 60 and 70 between Memphis and Brownsville.

HARDIN COUNTY• 3 fatalities (tornado), 12 injured

HICKMAN COUNTY• 1 injured (wind)

MACON COUNTY• 14 fatalities, 40 injuries (tornado)

MADISON COUNTY• Two fatalities in Denmark (tornado), 64 injured.• Union University had 16 students trapped in a dormitory, 3 critical injuries.• Jackson Oaks Retirement Center initially reported 50 persons trapped, but American Red Cross arrived and moved the residents to a shelter.

SHELBY COUNTY• Three fatalities and 36 injured (tornado caused wall of building to collapse).• THP radio tower with THP and TEMA antennas fell in Arlington.• Wall collapse due to tornado on Sears Building in Hickory Ridge Mall, Memphis, 1 death.• 120,000 pounds of Anhydrous Ammonia released into the atmosphere at Hardy Bottling Company, 5151 East Rains, Memphis (no impact on public).• Memphis Airport closed Runway 27 and Taxiways 2A and 2B; Gate B39 damaged.

SMITH COUNTY• 11 injuries (tornado)

SUMNER COUNTY• 7 fatalities, 14 injuries (tornado)

TROUSDALE COUNTY• Pipeline fire (now burned out), Columbia Gulf Transmission Company, 5422 Green Grove Road, Hartsville, TN• 3 fatalities (tornado), 2 injuries, 1 missing.

WILLIAMSON COUNTY• 4 injuries (tornado)SHELTERS: 2 open with 85 occupants (peak was 140).

Prepared by
Donnie K. Smith
Tennessee Emergency Management Agency

Alabama WX Post

Thanks to the gang at Alabama WX for keeping all of us (even in TN) informed on Tuesday.

I was surprised to see them using my information on this blog post.

Nothing Special....

....about the weather today other than it'll be more settled...for many of us, that is a GREAT thing. Cleanup work goes on across much of West and Middle Tennessee after the storms of Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

Our latest, local forecast here....

Nashville Is Talking site here....

Preliminary Storm Team Survey here...

NWS pictures from Hickman, Lewis, and Perry County's tornado here...

From the Weather history file...
On February 7, 1979...Cheatham Lock & Dam records its greatest one-day snowfall ever, with 8½", as well as Lafayette, with 6.2".

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Death Toll Climbing in TN

..the count now stands at 30.

WKRN story here to RADAR LOOP from deadly storms here

*Nashville Tennessean Photos from Macon County*

Tennessean main page here

Nashville City Paper article on Governor expected to ask for disaster declaration. Several pictures included here, too.

Nashville TV Station Sites
Channel 2
Channel 4
Channel 5

Nashville WX blog

Latest Numbers in Tennessee

28 killed in Tuesday night's tornadoes
150 injured

63 injuries treated at the tiny Macon General Hospital
22 serious injuries by Vanderbilt Medical Center

1500 homes damaged or destroyed in Macon County near Lafayette

130 miles was the length the thunderstorm traveled that dropped tornadoes in Hickman County, Williamson County, Sumner County, and Macon County.

Many Tornadoes Across Tennessee

We have reports FLOODING in.....

A huge tornado has hit Macon County (Lafayette) area. The county mayor says 'it looks like a war zone'. Ten are known dead in the Macon County area. I have a relative in Macon County and cannot get hold of him.

A tornado hit Castalian Springs...5 are known dead. It is near the Macon/Trousdale county lines...a large fire at a Natural Gas pumping plant exploded and the glow was seen from over 80 miles away. A boat dock near Shady Cove has been destroyed.

A tornado hit Jackson, TN...2 are known dead. 50 students from Union University taken to area hospitals...9 are still in the hospital with moderate to serious injuries

A tornado hit Fairview, TN....reports are just now coming in.

Hickman County, TN near Edna......reports are now just coming in.

Many school systems across TN are closed today.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tornado Watch #43

...for us until 5 a.m. CST....

Conditions are favorable for the development of tornadoes within and near the watch area...

Tennessee Counties Included Are
Bedford Campbell Cannon Cheatham Clay Coffee Cumberland Davidson Dekalb Fentress Giles Grundy Hickman Jackson Lawrence Lewis Macon Marshall Maury Morgan Overton Pickett Putnam Robertson Rutherford Scott Smith Sumner Trousdale Van Buren Warren Wayne White Williamson Wilson

Storm Damage 2-5-2008 #4

Latest reports coming in from Jackson, TN

2 dead
43 treated at a local hospital for various injuries...

Jackson Newspaper Site Here

Storm Damage 2-5-2008 #3

The fire is apparently a natural gas line from a company called Columbia Gulf. Just got a report in from Livingston, TN that they can see the glow....they are 90 miles away...amazing.

Trousdale County Executive Jerry Clift reporting Columbia Gulf is the name of the gas company line.....confirming it is the pumping station....on Hwy 141 near the Macon/Trousdale county line....Mr. Clift is approximately seven miles away.

Storm Damage 2-5-2008 #2

Just across the KY/TN line...

Gamaliel, KY has many damaged homes

Thompkinsville, KY has at least two buildings in the downtown that have been knocked down. These reports are from law enforcement...

I have a relative in Macon County, TN we were talking with and now can't get hold of him....the power has more than likely been knocked out. He was in the path of this storm that has produced damage all across TN from Fairview to the KY/TN line...

BIG FIRE is supposedly a natural gas line.....between Hartsville and Westmoreland...Hwy 141 near Columbia Gulf.....still working on exactly what it is.

Storm Damage 2-5-2008

Damage all across Tennessee...

A partial list...

Union University in Jackson, TN is heavily damaged. A girls dorm was hit and some students were trapped.

Over 20 tractor-trailers are reportedly overturned on I-40 between mile markers 70 and 80. Just one lane is open in each direction...

A HUGE FIRE is burning out of control and is visible by residents in at least 5 counties in northern Middle Tennessee...thinking the location is between Westmoreland and Lafayette.. Not sure at this point what it is...waiting on more reports.

At least two deaths in Memphis...

Three deaths in Muhlenberg County, KY

Alot of tornado damage along Hwy 45 bypass in Jackson, TN.

More in just a bit.

Dangerous Weather System approaching our area and could produce severe weather overnight tonight (especially as we head toward daybreak). The one silver lining in all of this is the temperatures. We'll see highs today SCARE the 70° mark.

Our record high here in Cookeville for February 5th is 70° from 1962.

Our latest, local forecast here

Please stay tuned to local radio/TV, NOAA Weather Radio, or on the internet, you can go to several sites for information. I'll list them below.

Nashville WX (Channel 2's Weather Blog)
NWS-Nashville Site or Severe WX Mode
Tennessee WX
Alabama WX

Moderate Severe Weather Risk tonight

This date in Weather History for our area....
On February 5, 1996...Temperature at Sparta drops to -20, setting an all-time record low. Crossville's low of -16 sets a record low for February. We saw -13 here in Cookeville.

If you live in Tennessee or any of the other 'Super Tuesday' states, go and vote.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Interesting Situation for Tuesday

The good folks at NashvilleWX (WKRN-Channel 2's Weather Blog) have a post about the severe possibilites for Tuesday. Staying tuned to them will give you real-time updates.

The NWS-Nashville has posted a January Weather Summary

Our latest, local forecast here

A post about 'busy days in the weather office' from, they are another great source for the latest weather.

This potential severe weather situation is shaping up to be quite a big event for Tuesday. I urge everyone to keep in touch via local radio or tv or with your Weather Radio.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

January By The Numbers

2008 has gotten off to a rousing start!

68....high temperature on January 7th at 1:44 pm
8......low temperature on January 20th at 7:49 am

31.....mph wind gust on January 8th at 7:36 pm

30.85....high pressure on January 3rd
29.53....low pressure on January 29th

3.60...rainfall for the month
1.51...rainfall on January 29th

166....percent increase of hits on this site over December
167....percent increase of page views over December

71.....record high temperature on 1-7 in Nashville
Record had stood since 1888

400,000...w/o power on 1-8 in California

29...the date when my Grandfather passed away
91....the years my Grandfather lived on earth

5.....the NWS official low in Cookeville on 1-5

81...number of posts I had on the blog in January
111...comments you readers made about my posts!

All in all, it was an excellent and interesting month for the weather. Thanks for being a faithful reader of this weather blog. It doesn't go unnoticed! :)

Super Bowl Sunday!

We'll have a cloudy day with a slight chance for rain today. More rain moves in tonight! Hey, it's the BIG GAME day! New England versus New York. I'd like to see the Patriots complete their perfect season.

Heard Phil the Groundhog saw his shadow. Legend has it we'll have six more weeks of winter. I don't believe the little varmit!

....more later.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Grandfather's Funeral

Today at 2 p.m. will be the funeral for my 91 year-old grandfather. When he passed away early Tuesday morning, I felt led to offer my assistance to my mother and her sister to lead (or officiate) his funeral. They accepted my offer and I've about completed an honoring tribute to his life. As I've reflected back of the years of my grandfather's life, it is amazing how much this man accomplished. It is amazing the legacy he left.

Proverbs 13:22 says "A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children" and he left an incredible inheritance in the way he lived his life.

I intend to follow his examples and leave behind a legacy that will inspire my family, too.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Tiger Woods

Just saw where Tiger Woods and other golfers playing in Dubai (U.A.E.) are fighting blowing sand conditions. **YUCK** CBS Sportsline story here

The weather forecast for Dubai for tomorrow calls for much better conditions!

Saturday....Clear. High: 66° F. Wind WNW 8 mph.

QUICK Update (9:15 AM)

Snow flurries flying in Cookeville.

COLD Friday with SNOW Possible

A strong front will race through this morning bringing in colder air and snow chances. I don't expect any accumulation at this point. Interesting that just to the west of Nashville, Winter Weather Advisiories and a Winter Storm Warning (in Western KY) has been issued.

This weekend will be nice on Saturday as we break 50° under a sunny sky, then the rain returns for the first half of next week. Temperatures appear to be moderating.

Our latest, local forecast

Cookeville Webcam (in case it snows!)

On February 1, 1951...
Precipitation continues at Nashville through the morning, most of it as snow, and finally ends around noon. An additional 5.2" are measured, leaving the city buried under 8" of ice and snow.
On February 1, 1985...
Nashville receives 6.7" of snow.
On February 1, 2002...
I accept a position with Lamar Outdoor Advertising and celebrate my six-year anniversary today!


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