Saturday, January 3, 2009

Year in Review (Part 3)


Rain hit hard and fast on June 1st.  A funnel cloud was reported near Baxter, although that was under some dispute.  It was first labeled as a possible downburst.  Later the next day, the NWS clarified themselves and said a funnel was 'possible'.  *News Story from Herald-Citizen*

The first week of June also gave us very warm temperatures as highs reached 90°+.

Tornadoes struck Michigan, Minnesota, and Indiana during the first week.

HOT WEATHER in the second week as our heat index hit 100°
Tornadoes strike near Chicago and Wisconsin.
Storm Damage also reported in Tennessee

Summer came along and we started to get VERY dry.

In the last week of June, I put together a Rainfall Report

My last post of June was entitled "What A Difference A Year Makes" and it discussed how well we were doing with rain.

I opened up July with  'A Climate Summary, June Daily Summary, and 2008 versus 2007.'

We watched Hurricane Bertha and saw a BIG THUNDERSTORM on July 4th. (Cool Picture).  Had an earthquake in Tennessee and recorded rain on 5 of the first 10 days of the month which totaled 3.89"...the middle of the month saw big rains strike Tennessee with some locations recording 3" in one day (near Macon County). 

The heat cranked up again for a few days, but then on the 24th, we woke up to temperatures in the 50's!  By the end of July, we were back up in the mid and upper 80's.

In August (on the first), I attempted to post 'July By The Numbers'
Played in a golf tournament and the temperatures matched our play..HOT!...we shot 15 under par for 18 holes, but the winning team shot 22 under...OH MY!

A powerful thunderstorm caused an evacuation of Wrigley Field (home of the Cubbies) in Chicago a day earlier

Fay leaves and we replace her with Hurricane Gustav and learn about a wonderful new lady who bursts upon the scene...Sarah Palin!

A Wild August for sure!  One to remember....

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