Thursday, January 31, 2008

Snow West of Nashville

Nashville WX has all sorts of posts about the snowfall that has been falling over West Tennessee. Several school systems are closed or on a delay.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wednesday Night Notes

Looks like we'll have more rain coming in for Thursday and the possibilities exist for SOME snow on the backside of this low pressure system.

FORECAST DISCUSSION from Nat'l Weather Service

Read the NWS Blog for Storm Reports.

I was able to snap a picture of our downed billboard and will get that posted soon.

Storm Damage Reports

**prelim damage report here**

From News 2 (Nashville, TN)

From Newschannel 5

From WSMV-Channel 4

From Google (Storm Damage News Reports)

We have a large billboard on the ground here in Cookeville. Will post pictures later.

Cold Morning, Sunny Day, Rain Tomorrow

We're starting out cold this morning...around 20° for many of us. Temperatures will remain chilly today under a sunny sky. The next system moves in tomorrow and may provide more heavy rain similar to yesterday. The difference, though, will be the lack of strong and severe weather. Friday looks cold with a good chance of SNOW! :)

Latest, local forecast here.

TN Hourly Temperature Reports here

TN Rainfall Reports here (use this link for other states, too)

I'll post damage reports later.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Storm Reports...

59.3 mph gust from Clinton County High in Albany, KY.

57.0 mph gust from Smyrna, TN

43.0 mph gust from Monticello, KY (Wayne County Airport)

48.0 mph from Glasgow, KY

Over 50 mph from Channel 4 in Nashville

Many reports of damage, including power outages scattered across many areas.

Will start to list them as I get them together.

Storm Damage #2...

Winds are in the 70+ mph range in Southern Kentucky.

Storms moving east at over 60 mph

Winds behind the current sqall line are gusting to 35 mph

Damage seems to be limited to I-40 areas northward into Kentucky.

Storms in this line will only last about 5 minutes with 50-60 mph peak winds in Middle TN

Wind damage reports coming from West TN like crazy...

Damage in Columbia, TN in Southern Middle TN...tree fell on a home and people are reportedly trapped inside this home.

Numerous reports of power outages in West TN and now Middle TN.

Rotation on Doppler Radar in Rutherford County near Murfreesboro

Severe Thunderstorm Watch

Just issued for our county......

All watches,

Storm Damage

Reports from NEWS 2 in Nashville indicate there are TOO MANY TREE'S down to count in Southern Kentucky.

Windows at a JC Penney store in Hopkinsville, KY has been blown out with several injuries.

Gusts are topping 70 MPH in SEVERAL locations.

Damage near Clarksville, TN with trees down and buildings damaged.

Overturned tractor-trailer near Clarksville on I-24 due to strong winds

THREE overturned trucks on I-24 near Hopkinsville. One is a tanker which is REPORTEDLY leaking fuel.

Line of storms moving at 63 mph according to NEWS 2's Lisa Patton...

Stewart County reporting several damaged homes

Line is now EAST of Nashville marching toward Lebanon in Wilson County.

RIP Grandpa

Found out this morning about 2 o'clock that my grandfather had passed away. The good news is he is dancing with Jesus at the throne of God! The last picture we took of him was from Christmas with our little Mary Katherine. He was 91 and had battled Alzheimers for several years. Funeral arrangements are tentatively scheduled for Saturday at 2 p.m.

Stormy Tuesday

A very active day weather wise today.

Wind Advisory

Hazardous Weather Outlook

Latest, Local Forecast

Check out the Severe WX Mode on the NWS site, by clicking here

Forecast Discussion here

News 2 Weather Blog Here

Current Conditions Across Tennessee

On January 29, 1905...
Nashville records greatest one-day snowfall for January, measuring 8½".
On January 29, 1948...
The high temperature at Nashville reaches just 28 degrees. This is the 7th consecutive day in which temperatures have remained below freezing, setting a record. During this stretch, the temperature has never risen above 31 degrees, nor fallen below -2 degrees.
On January 29, 1951...
The worst ice storm in Nashville's history begins, causing a complete stalemate of transportation in Nashville for two days. Frozen precipitation starts during the evening, with 1.6" of snow and ice accumulating by midnight.
On January 29, 1966...
Monteagle measures 15" of snowfall -- the most ever recorded in one day.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Near 60 Today, Then STORMS!

After a very cold start this morning (temperatures are in the lower 20's....see temps across TN here), we'll see a high today of 58. WOW! We've been in the 60's just four days this month and not since January 10th. Haven't seen 50's since January 11th.

We expect a strong system to come through our area on Tuesday bringing hefty wind gusts (35+) and chances for heavy rain and lightning. (not quite like the Florida picture above!)

On January 28, 1951
...A strong cold front moves through Nashville shortly after 1:00 p.m., causing temperatures to fall during the afternoon and evening, and ushering in one of the most remarkable weather events in Nashville's history. Stay tuned tomorrow to see what that event was.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Sun Is Out!

(Disclaimer! Picture is not from my area!)

Just after 11:30 this morning, we've finally cleared out the clouds and the sun is shining! It has been a few days since we've seen sunshine. Winds are from the west and the expectation for a high temperature today is around 45°.

Here is our latest, local forecast. Don't get used to any particular type of day in the forecast period, because it seems that each is different!

Our oldest daughter is in Hamilton, AL this weekend at The Ramp...which is part of Karen Wheaton Ministries.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Snow In Kentucky

Drove up to Kentucky early this morning and saw snow falling on Lake Cumberland.

Made the trip with my parents to look at a Sunstar Houseboat.
This particular boat is nice....very nice....

The snow was light to moderate at times and was not accumulating on the ground as the temperature was steady around 35°

Looking forward to our warm-up...

Great information on the weather from Alabama...go to ABC 33/40 blog

Friday, January 25, 2008

Not Buying It

Doesn't look like we'll see any of the precipitation here on the Plateau...or at least not at my home.

Watch me wake up in the morning with 2+ inches of snow on the ground! :)

Quick Afternoon Update...

Skies are becoming overcast here in the Cookeville area.
Webcam shot here

A Winter Weather Advisory issued for West Tennessee.
More information here from NWS

Ice Storm Warning for Mississippi Delta
More info here

A Winter Weather Advisory for Central Alabama
More info here

Huntsville, AL Nat'l Weather Service Site

ABC station 33/40 Weather Blog Site

We might see some sort of WWA issued later this evening.
Might watch the 'Forecast Discussion' on NWS site.
Should be updated this afternoon.

Snow Tonight, Then a Warm-up?

After morning temperatures in the single digits, we'll rise to the mid 30's later today....a bit of precipitation comes through our area us an opportunity for won't last long though as we'll see Saturday highs in the 40's and Sunday in the 50's!

Check out the links to the right for the latest forecast!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Plain Cold!

We're already down in the teens tonight and it is not yet 8 pm.

Single digits could rule across sections of Middle Tennessee by daybreak.

The good news is we'll warm up quite nicely over the weekend...will have to get through one chance of snow flurries on Friday evening. I hope we get a FOOT of snow! :)

I have every link you'll need to the right just under MY WEATHER STATION LIVE.
Snow on roads on MONTEREY MOUNTAIN near Cookeville

Bundle Up Today

Temperatures this morning on the Plateau are in the upper 20's to start. We won't get any warmer than that for the rest of the day as a cold front will push through later this morning. That will drop our temperatures throughout the day. This front has already come through sections of West TN...for instance, Paris, TN is now 22° with a wind chill in the single digits.

Tonight, we'll see the mercury drop to near 10°..the good news, however, is temperatures will rebound quite nicely through the weekend and into the first part of next week. Upper 50's by Monday isn't out of the question.

Our latest, local forecast

Channel 2 (Nashville) Weather Blog

Temperatures across Tennessee

We are watching a little impulse that will scoot through here on Friday. This could produce some snow for us. I don't think, at this point, we will see any accumulation from it.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Snow, Then A Big Warmup!

We're look at the chances for snow early Thursday morning here and a very cold day on Thursday due to a strong cold front. By the weekend, however, temperatures will warm into the 50's and near 60 by early next week.

Currently, on this Wednesday morning, we are under freezing with some mist falling. This has created a few slicks spots...mostly on elevated surfaces and our schools are running two hours late for safety reasons. I believe it is an excellent decision. We'll clear out later but will struggle to reach 40.

Here is our latest, local forecast!

Interesting article from NOAA News on 2007 Weather

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Big Flakes Falling!

Big ol' snowflakes are falling here in Cookeville this morning!

Schools are out and I'm sure kids are happy...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Winter Weather Advisory

We have a Winter Weather Advisory for early Tuesday morning issued for our area.

Click here for more!

More later...after I go to my dad's birthday party...he's 67! Happy Birthday DAD.

January 21st Weather History

January 21st is a significant day in weather history in Middle Tennesse...

Middle Tennessee Weather Facts of the Day

On January 21, 1888...Nashville receives 6.1" of snow.

On January 21, 1935...Nashville reports an early morning high temperature of 69 degrees before a strong cold front passes through, dropping the temperature to 36 degrees by 7:00 a.m., 24 degrees by noon, and 14 degrees by 7:00 p.m. The temperature drops another 2 degrees during the evening, for a low of 12, and a daily range of 57 degrees. Three inches of snow fall by evening.

On January 21, 1959...A cold front drops the temperature at Nashville a remarkable 59 degrees -- from a high of 74, to 15 degrees the next morning. Temperature ranges at other locations include Clarksville and Columbia, 59 degrees, Lawrenceburg, 58, Tullahoma, 57, Cookeville and Springfield, 55, Murfreesboro, 54, and Crossville, 52 degrees.

On January 21, 1985...Temperature at Nashville drops to -17, setting an all-time record low. Other record lows include Allardt (-27), Carthage (-17), Celina (-20), Centerville (-26), Columbia (-20), Cookeville (-22), Crossville (-21), Crossville (Experiment Station) (-25), Dickson (-23), Franklin (-21), Lebanon (3 W) (-20), Lewisburg (-20), Livingston (-25), Monteagle (-20), Mount Pleasant (-17), Neapolis (-23), Shelbyville (-20), Smithville (-24), and Woodbury (-28).

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Very Cold Week Ahead

We are looking at a very cold week ahead here in Middle Tennessee. At least one chance for winter precipitation.

Our latest, local forecast here!

Middle Tennessee Weather Facts of the Day

On January 20, 1918...McMinnville measures 10" of snowfall, which is the most ever received in one day there.

On January 20, 1985...Nashville sets an all-time record low mean temperature of -5. Following a daytime high of 7 degrees, the temperature falls to -16 by midnight. Temperature at Crossville falls to -21 by midnight, establishing an all-time record low.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Temperatures for tomorrow's game between the Green Bay Packers and the New York Giants promises to be a COLD one!! Kickoff temperature @ 5:30 pm is expected to be: 1° above zero with the mercury going under ZERO during the game. Wind chills could run -25 to -35. OH MY!

Check out their forecast!

In the first game in Foxboro, MA between the undefeated Patriots and the San Diego Chargers...temperatures are much more'll be cold, but not terribly is their forecast: A slight chance of snow showers with temperatures falling through the 20's. Strong west winds will make it feel MUCH colder.

And their forecast link is here

Single Digits???

It looks like we'll drop close to the single digits tonight across Tennessee. Obviously, the metro areas will be warmer. North winds at 10-15 mph before midnight will make it feel colder...they should settle down to around 5 mph after midnight.

We'll be in the 30's on Sunday in some locations, but will struggle to reach 30 under sunny skies here in the Cookeville area. Sunday night will again see us drop to the single digits.

Our latest, local forecast here.

The major winter storm has moved into Georgia and the Appalachian Mountains. I've have links in post below this one that'll give you the websites for the NWS offices in Atlanta, Greenville/Spartanburg, SC, Morristown, TN among others!

Read all about the Alabama snowstorm on the premier weather blog in Alabama. Their site is or get there by clicking HERE!

Heavy Snow Warning (Alabama)

Parts of Alabama are now under a Heavy Snow Warning! You can get updates at James Spann's ABC 33/40 website

33/40's WEBCAM LIST...

For us, here in the eastern sections of Middle Tennessee, we'll see flurries out of this system. The BIG STORY today is FALLING TEMPERATURES and STRONG WINDS behind a front that'll race through our area later today. Tonight's lows will be in the single digits for some and for many the wind chill factor later today will be in the singles digits as well.

Our latest, local forecast here.....

Sections of East Tennessee are covered by a Special Weather Statement....some of the mountainous sections are also covered by a Snow Advisory through tonight.

Here are the NWS Sites for some different cities:
Greenville/Spartanburg, SC

Friday, January 18, 2008

7 PM Live Update...

....from ABC 33/40 in Birmingham, AL on the major Winter Storm for Alabama...

Go to and follow the instructions to see the live show at 7 pm where they will discuss this impending winter weather event.

Winter Storm Watch

...for Central Alabama tonight...very interesting setup in the Gulf region with a low pressure system and cold air coming down will make for a big snow event for the Central Alabama folks. They rarely see snow in that part of the would be great, for us, if that system would track about 200 miles northward! Big discussions going on at are the blog site of the TV station ABC 33/40 in Birmingham...James Spann and his crew do an unbelievable job with keeping their viewers informed via the web with video and multiple posts daily....

Our latest, local forecast here

Don't forget to visit the site TENNESSEE of good weather talk available there along with a chat site. In the busy times, they only accept members on the site...registration is quick, free, and go ahead and register.

Current temperatures across Tennessee at 6 am range from the teens in West TN to the upper 30's and lower 40's in East TN where the first cold front hasn't quite passed through. Our temperatures locally here in Cookeville fell 10 degrees with the frontal passage overnight.

Special Weather Statements are going up for Northern Alabama, North Georgia, and East Tennessee in advance of the snow moving in tonight and tomorrow.

This date in history....
On January 18, 1994...A record cold air mass pushes into the mid state. The high temperature reaches just 10 degrees at Nashville. The plateau is especially hard-hit, as Crossville checks in with a low of -8.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Invasion of Cold Air (for Chicago)

Click on this picture of information on the left to see it in a NEW and LARGER window!
This is from the fine folks at WGN in Chicago. Tom Skilling and his crew do an excellent job forecasting the weather.

Check out this post about the brutally cold air that will invade the Windy City.

Major Winter Storm

...for ALABAMA this weekend....

Click here for

More Changes Coming!

Looks like the precipitation is with us once again! The sprinkles just may switch over to snow flurries late tonight and we've got more on the way. Friday's highs will be in the lower 40's under a partly cloudy sky...then it will get interesting again...a STRONG front is set to come through our area late Friday bringing a shot of snow showers along with gusty winds and much, much colder temperatures on Saturday. Low temps on Saturday night could drop into the single digits after only being in the upper 20's on Saturday afternoon. The strong northwest winds will make it feel MUCH colder.

Tonight's Links:
Our latest, local forecast.
Explanation of a new gulf low (SNOW?!) (always great explanations)
Tennessee Weather .com

Thursday Forecast & Web Cams

After some exciting moments last evening with snow and sleet falling, we wake up this morning and it is mostly GONE! Temperatures rose overnight which aided in the melting of the frozen precipitation. Sorry kids...

Click on the links to the right for our latest, local forecast...

We are watching an impulse that'll come through this evening and might produce some snow flurries...then another will come through on Friday night as well...this one could produce a little more snow. Stay tuned.

I've got a couple of sites this morning from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. These are webcams that show the snow up there!

Another from Mammoth Cave in here

The last one is from Washington, DC...a pretty cool here

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Snow Flying In Cookeville

We have snow and sleet falling right sensor near Avery Trace is showing 32°...mine is at 35.5°....hopefully, we'll stay ALL SNOW overnight and wake up to a very nice accumulation!

I'm sure the school kids are in agreement with me! :)

Check out the links to the right to chat about the weather...the weather websites (including mine) are getting BOMBED with hits....

More later...

Winter Weather Advisory

From the NWS:

A Winter Weather Advisory for the Plateau region. Read the full text and discussion here and here.

More later.

Quick Lunch Update

While eating some leftover pizza at home over my lunch break, we are looking at the possibility of a Winter Weather Advisory being issued by the National Weather Service in Nashville. Just read their latest 'Forecast Discussion'.

The map is becoming quite colorful with all the forecast advisories on NWS-Nashville homepage. The North Georgia region has a Winter Storm Watch issued and areas of Southern Middle TN and North Alabama have a Winter Weather Advisory issued. See everything here.

More later after 5 pm

Gulf Low Satellite Image

This is a great look at the low pressure system that will affect our weather here in Middle TN this system moves north and east...moisture will overspread the southeastern region of the country and, with our cold temperatures, will cause some frozen precip to fall...the timing of the precipitation arriving along with the cold air in place are the biggest pieces to the puzzle!

Meteorologists use color enhanced imagery as an aid in satellite interpretation. The colors enable them to easily and quickly see features which are of special interest. Usually they look for high clouds or areas with a large amount of water vapor. In an infrared (IR) image cold clouds are high clouds, so the colors typically highlight the colder regions. The bar on the right side of the image indicates the pixel brightness values for the corresponding color.

Interesting Possibilities Tonight


This blog is in WINTER WEATHER MODE...the links you need are located to the right of this post at the top of the page during WINTER WEATHER MODE

We start off this Wednesday like the past several mornings with temperatures in the 20's. Highs today will be in the middle 40's and that will be as warm as it'll be over the next several days. We are in the middle of a very active pattern. The first system in the gulf will overspread moisture tonight in our area. Our thoughts are that it will be cold enough for snow and possibly sleet. Accumulations will be around 1 inch for the Northern Plateau.

On Thursday, this whole thing appears to want to switch over to rain. We won't warm up much past the lower and mid 40's.

By Friday, another system affects our area...this time it should be all snow and the front brings MUCH colder air in......

More sure to check out the WINTER WEATHER LINKS to the right of this post at the TOP!...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cold Night, Then Fun Begins!

We'll be very cold again tonight....temperatures across Middle Tennessee are in the mid 20's at 9:20 pm. Looks like 18-20° will be the right call for the Cookeville and Northern Cumberland Plateau area. According to the NWS-Nashville, some high clouds are slipping in from the low forming in the gulf and affect our weather for Wednesday night into Thursday.

At this point, the call is for Snow and Sleet overnight Wednesday turning back into all rain on Thursday. That is what I call a BUMMER! :) Let's hope the call is wrong and we stay all snow.

Tuesday Night Links:
NWS-Nashville, TN
Forecast Discussion
Our latest, local forecast
Alabama WX
Nashville WX
Tennessee WX

Middle TN Weather Fact of the Day...(I like this one because I remember it vividly)
On January 15, 1978...The high temperature at Nashville reaches just 28 degrees. This is the 7th consecutive day in which temperatures have remained below freezing, tying a record. During this stretch, the temperature has never risen above 31 degrees, nor fallen below 7 degrees. (A pond near my home is so frozen over that we would ride sleds and ice skate on it)

Special Weather Statement issued for East TN

Busy Time in Weather Business!

A whole bunch of information to get to this morning. First, take the time to watch the above video from James Spann at His explanation of the upcoming system will help us understand what the possibilites are for snowfall in Middle TN.

Our biggest questions right now are the temperatures for Wednesday night into Thursday. The confidence level for precipitation is high, the confidence level for cold enough temperatures for all snow is LOW. Freezing lines on the forecasting models show the rain/snow line anywhere from the KY/TN border to Southern Middle depending on which is true will determine where the snow will happen.

At this point, expect a mixed bag for Middle TN with a nice snow event for East TN. The Morristown, TN NWS has issued a Special Weather Statement for East TN for Wednesday night and Thursday.

Another system will threaten our area again on Friday and even COLDER air invades Middle Tennessee on Saturday with highs barely in the 20's and lows in the single digits.

This morning, we are in the teens in Cookeville and other locations in Middle TN. Here is a latest, local forecast. Lastly, if you want to understand the NWS's take on the system, read the Forecast Discussion. The more you read this section, the more you'll begin to understand it.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Latest Take On The Snow..

The lastest NWS Forecast Discussion is very interesting. The quote that gets my attention is this:

Also, the next sentence is very interesting:

I will update this post with more information later this evening.

Snow Chances This Week

I've added the morning video from the ABC station in Birmingham, AL. James Spann, chief meteorologist, does a great job explaining the possibility of a snow event for later this week in the mid-south. They run a detailed weather blog. You can see it by clicking here.

Check out our latest, local forecast here.

One thing they point out on the video is the depth of the Arctic air pushing into the northern sections of the Central US. This reinforcement of the current cold air is but one ingredient necessary for snow in our area. The other, of course, is precipitation or moisture. The timing of those two things is what will or will not give us snowfall. Click on the video above!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Night Finale

Reports of some snow flurries here in the Upper Cumberland this evening. Winds have been steady from the north making it feel much colder than the 30 degrees that it is right now. The flurries should taper off by midnight...we'll be cold tonight with lows in the 20's. Monday should be chilly with highs struggling to reach 40 and the low on Monday night will be in the upper teens!

The week ahead will feature temperatures mainly below normal with a good chance for snow by Wednesday night into Thursday.

We'll watch everything very close for you and keep the updates coming regularly!

Sunday Afternoon Update

We're looking at the radar and gathering reports from various sources. At 2:15 pm, precipitation is falling as sleet in Macon County, TN near the Kentucky border.

From the National Weather Service at 2:12 pm


We'll continue to watch as the precipitation moves eastward into the higher elevations of the Highland Rim here in Cookeville and onto the Cumberland Plateau. The 700 foot elevation difference between Cookeville and Monterey could be enough to see a difference in what is falling from the sky.

View latest Tennessee observations here.

My Weather Station Graph...notice the temperature starting to fall???

Weather Link Page

I'm working on a webpage that will be a '1-Stop Shop' for Weather links across the web. If you have a favorite site, let me know and I'll add it to the new webpage.

Either put it in the comments section or e-mail me at


Sunday Rundown

Here we go...looks like we'll see some precipitation and it's type will depend upon it's arrival. If the precipitation arrives early, then it will be sprinkles/rain...later, it will be snow or snow flurries. We expect temperatures to fall later this afternoon after reaching around 40 this morning.

Our latest, local forecast

Most of the rest of our week will remain dry with highs running just below normal. Normal high this date is 45° while the normal low is 25°. We do forsee the possibilites of a system developing around Thursday into Friday that, if timed right, could give us some snow.

Our records this date:
High: 70° (1932)
Low: -5° (1918)
Precip: 1.50" (1939)
New Snow: 3.8" (1982)

So far in January through 12 days:
Average High: 52.5 (Norm: 45.6) (Record: 60.9 in 2005)
Average Low: 30.7 (Norm: 25.7) (Record: 12.1 in 1981)
Most Snowfall for 11 days was 12.0 inches in 1996
Most "Average snow depth": 2 inches in 1973

Middle Tennessee Weather Fact of the Day
On January 13, 1968...Dover measures 8½" of snow. Dover is in West Tennessee near the Tennessee river.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Snow, Sleet, and More!

Interesting post over at about our snow chances

Interesting Website

The Disaster Center Webpage
(you can find your state's page here)

Tennessee's Disaster Center Webpage

3 Quadrillion Dollar Lawsuit

The Hurricane Katrina lawsuit numbers are in...

489,000 for (I'm NOT kidding) 3 Quadrillion Dollars. 247 are for over $1 billion each.

See the story here.

All Kind of Fun Stuff

We are expecting a sunny day in the lower 50's after a FROSTY start here in the Upper Cumberland region of Middle Tennessee. Temperatures are in the 20's across the region this morning. By Sunday, some precipitation will be in our area along with falling temperatures. This has the potential to bring us snow showers. Don't think there will be enough precipitation for accumulation. Check out the discussion over at the News 2 (Nashville) Weather Blog.

Looking at our week ahead, temperatures will be below normal with a couple of chances of precipitation on Monday night, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Of course, this is all subject to change. Here's our
latest, local forecast. Check out the NWS-Nashville forecast discussion. They always have interesting tidbits of information.

In Southern Middle Tennessee, the NWS has determined an F2 tornado struck Wayne County during our storms on Thursday. Here is the
summary from the NWS-Nashville.

Speaking of tornadoes...check out the Middle Tennessee Weather Fact of The Day by
clicking here.

Friday, January 11, 2008

TDOT has coated Interstate 40 with a salt mixture between Cookeville and Monterey. Bridges and overpasses have been treated, too

Bring On The Snow

Looks like our latest, local forecast has some of the WHITE STUFF in it! Hopefully, it'll come to pass. Snow in Tennessee is a great thing (since we don't see much of it).

From last evening's storms, we had .31 in the rain gauge. Many areas across our state had much more rainfall. See Tennessee rainfall numbers here!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rainfall Amounts in Tennessee

Being a part of the CoCoRaHS Project gives us a great insight to how much and where rain fell. Each day the observers who volunteer their time with CoCoRaHS log in to the site and record their rainfall (sometimes it is snow, sometimes it is hail). We also have space to add in some comments. CoCoRaHS is an acronym that stands for: Community Collabrative Rain Hail and Snow Network.

Be sure to check out the site and you'll see how much rain fell at an observer's location.
For Tennessee, the place is to go is HERE. We have around 350 observers who are faithful nearly every single day.

If you're impatient and want to know how much rain fell RIGHT now and don't want to wait for the CoCoRaHS observer reports (which start coming in about 6 am each morning), you can go to the Weather Underground site here. There you can key in your ZIP CODE and see several personal weather stations for your area (down toward the bottom of the page).

My Weather Underground area is located here.
My Weather Station live is located on this page to the right OR all the way at the bottom.

Interesting GRAPH

Notice the wind INCREASING (graph 3)
Notice the DROP in barometric pressure (graph 2)
Notice the RISE in temperature (graph 1)
Lack of info from midnight to 3 am due to connectivity issues.

Dodging The Bullet

We are the PLUS (+) sign right in the middle.
These storms are moving northeast.
Radar is as of 4:17 pm CST
So far, we've dodged the bullet.
More later.

Tornado Watch Until 7 PM

33 counties in Tennessee are under a Tornado Watch until 7 pm.

Use the RADAR LINKS to the right of this post to see the latest look at the locations of the strong line of storms.

Use common sense during the next several hours as this line of storms is particularly dangerous. Stay tuned to NOAA Weather Radio, Local Radio, and/or Local Network Television stations for the latest updates.

NOAA's National Weather Service website in Nashville is a great place to stay informed also. They have a SEVERE WEATHER MODE that is quite useful.

Storms Likely Today & Tonight

The possibility of strong to severe weather increases today. Thunderstorms will develop during the afternoon and some could become severe. That chance will hang around with us tonight.

Special Weather Statement from NWS.
All US Weather Warnings here.

Keep tuned in to your NOAA Weather Radio, Local Radio, or TV station for the latest updates.

Our latest, local forecast
Nashville Weather Blog (Channel 2-ABC)
Cookeville/Putnam County Emergency Mgmt Weather Page
Cookeville Web Cam

Areas to our south in Alabama expecting big storms too...keep up with the good folks over at AlabamaWX from ABC 33/40 and James Spann by clicking HERE! Also, my good buddy Mike in Alabama has an EXCELLENT website that keeps everyone posted on the comings and goings of their weather situation...hit his blog by going here.

****My apologies for no update yesterday afternoon or evening. Our internet connection at home was down again***** (Will definitely have to get the ISP folks out to check it)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Active Pattern CONTINUES

After thunderstroms sprinted their way across Tennessee yesterday, we'll have sunny skies for today...but then showers are back tonight and thunderstorms return again tomorrow as another front comes racing through. It's 15-20 degrees cooler this morning compared with the last two.

Our latest, local weather forecast here

We measured .40 from yesterday's rains. Some areas of TN received quite a bit more.

From the NWS-Nashville
Tuesday saw a record high of 70 in Nashville for January 8th. The old record was 69 and was set way back in 1880 and was tied in 2006.

Middle Tennessee Weather Fact of the Day
On January 9, 1886...One of the coldest days in Nashville's history -- high temperature tops out at 7 degrees, with a low of -8, making for a daily mean value of -1. All three are records.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Worst Has Passed in Cookeville...we did see some lightning and thunder...strong winds and some rainfall...all in all a non-event for our area...expecting the NWS to cancel the current Tornado Watch (which is supposed to run through 1 am..)

Tornado Watch (Middle TN)

Thirty (30) counties in Middle Tennessee are under a Tornado Watch until 1 A.M. CST...we also continue to have a Lake Wind Advisory until midnight.

Storms moving south and east of Nashville...should see some interesting weather here in Cookeville quite soon. Winds have been sustained over 30 mph tonight here.

Severe Weather Update

We've had some severe weather across West Tennessee this is a great site to keep up with the whole here

Central Shelby County, TN (Memphis) is under a Flash Flood Warning. Go to their NWS site here!

Storms are rumbling across western sections of Middle TN. Two of my favorite radar sites can be found here and may need to adjust each of them a bit westward.

News 2's (Nashville, TN) Weather Blog will be very active tonight. Also, I'd visit also.

Our Emergency Management Agency here in Cookeville has an all-in-one weather page that is quite handy.

Areas to the West of Nashville (10 counties in all) continue to be under the threat of a tornado watch.

Moutainous areas of East Tennessee could see gusts to 45 mph this evening.

Strong Weather Ahead

We're in a very active pattern now. Today will be windy (A Wind Advisory for Area Lakes has been issued) and tonight will be stormy. The expectation right now is that we shouldn't reach severe limits. Special Weather Statement issued by NWS-Nashville

Our latest, local forecast here!

Last evening saw tornadoes in Missouri. At least two are confirmed dead. There were around 30 tornadoes reported last evening...that is almost an unheard of number in the wintertime. I'll put a couple of links below concerning the situation in the Show Me State:
CNN Story
KMBC-Kansas City Story

May see the possibility for snow by the end of this upcoming weekend. Again, as I always say, we're a little too far away to count on it at this we get closer, you all can start getting excited about it!

Today's Links:
Cookeville WebCam
Cookeville Emergency Mgmt. Page
Cookeville Radar

Finally, congratulations to the LSU Tigers on their BCS National Championship.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Was It A Record?

The big question for us today.....Was A Record (High) Temperature set today?

Yes and NO...and here's why.

According to our NWS Coop Site in Cookeville, our high was:
65°..that isn't a record (69° in '98..see earlier post)...BUT,
Many stations across the Upper Cumberland exceeded the record:

My Station was close at 68.1°
West Cookeville: 70.0°
Algood, TN (east of us): 70.5°
South Cookeville: 71.8°
Regional Airport 70.7°
Baxter, TN (west of us): 70.3°
Monterey, TN: 71.4°
Hilham, TN (north): 73.0°
Silver Point, TN: 71.0°
Crossville, TN: 64.0° (record: 65° in 1998)
Nashville, TN: 71.0° at 3 pm (tied record from 1888)

More later.

Warm Monday!

Normal Highs and Lows for this date in Cookeville, TN are 46 and 26. We'll push 67 for a high today...our record is 69 from 1998 while the record low is -3 from 1970. Last year, we were at 59 and 41.

Here is another interesting fact. So far for 2008, our average high has been 38.2 and the average low 14.5. We'll definitely change those figures over the next day or two!

Here is our latest, local weather forecast.

Tuesday evening could be a bit bumpy...stay tuned to your local TV and Radio Stations for the latest.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

When Weather Changed History Review

I was able to watch "WWCH" tonight on The Weather Channel (TWC).

They did an excellent job with the space shuttle disaster from the 80's. I enjoyed seeing the old footage AND the interviews with NASA officials. With the passing of time, I had forgotten how shocked we all were when the Challenger exploded. Seeing the reaction of the spectators and families of the astronauts gave me a lump in my throat.

I would give the entire program four out of five possible stars. Looking forward to the future shows. My understanding is they will repeat the show this week.

The next program will be:
Battle of the Bulge –Airing, Next Sunday 1/13/2008 at 8 p.m. CST
Background on the show:
Dec. 1944 – Jan. 1945: In the largest, bloodiest land battle ever fought by American soldiers, more than 1.1 million American, British and German men take part and nearly 20,000 are killed. In mid-December, the American army is low on supplies when the well-equipped German army releases a surprise, brutal attack on the Americans. As desperate Nazi troops use the cover of severe winter weather to counterattack Allied forces, weather conditions also hinder American attacks. Then a fortuitous break in the weather finally enables them to defeat the Germans and destroy the Third Reich, impacting the outcome of World War II.

New Show On TWC

"When Weather Changed History" debuts tonight on The Weather Channel at 8 pm CST.

If you can't watch it, set your DVR.

I have a video promo for WWCH below.

Interesting Weather Ahead

After we get through today with drizzle and cloudy conditions, the next several days hold lots of surprises!

Surprise #1--Temperatures on Monday could hit the mid and upper 60's.
Surprise #2--Storms by Tuesday and Tuesday night could be strong to severe
Surprise #3--Next weekend could usher in COLD AIR.
Surprise #4--First of following week could bring us the 's' word!

Obviously, #4 is a ways out and we'll have to watch it.

You can see our latest, local forecast here!

California continues to get bombed with bad weather. The forecast for our Tennessee Titans versus the San Diego Chargers is for temperatures to be in the mid 50's and a 100% chance of here.

Speaking of rain, we had just .05 this morning in the CoCoRaHS official rain gauge.

Joe McGee

After church today at Trinity Assembly, we visited Church On The Hill in Algood to hear Joe McGee speak. Joe is an annointed brother who preaches a laugh and learn experience. He is someone who doesn't even attend church will come and hear.

Then Click Play On "Common Sense Parenting"

Friday, January 4, 2008

Weather In The News

Interesting weather story on MSNBC

Wacky California Weather Story by the NY Times

Firefighters Rescue People From Swollen River

Nat'l Weather Round-up from those 'other' Weather Guys

Cold, Flurries in FL...but minimal crop damage

San Diego, CA Weather Forecast (GO TITANS!!)

Warming Up

With the southerly flow turned on, our temperatures this morning are as much as 20° warmer in some areas compared with the last two mornings! We'll see highs in the 40's to near 50 today.

Our latest, local forecast here!

Some are getting excited over the GFS showing a big snowstorm for the period of the 13th through the 16th and while getting a big snow would be nice for us, I'm holding my excitement until we get a whole lot closer! You know how things can change.

Check out the Winter Weather Links to the right of this post. You can look in and participate in several forums and several blogs that are updated constantly.

More later......

Thursday, January 3, 2008

More Temperatures!

From the great folks over at, this is a list of morning lows across Middle Tennessee. To say it was cold is an understatement! I have a little perspective for all of you. Our normal high is 46 and the normal low is 26 for January 3rd.

Cookeville: 5
McMinnville: 5
Savannah: 7
Dickson: 7
Portland: 7
Gallatin: 7
Crossville: 7
Fayetteville: 7
Paris: 8
Murfreesboro: 8
Winchester: 8
Huntingdon: 9
Clarksville: 9
Columbia: 9
Camden: 10
Smyrna: 10
Lawrenceburg: 10
Nashville: 11

Our record high this date comes from 2006 when it was 70°!

Cold Thursday Start

Temperatures are again the big story across Tennessee this morning. Single digits are quite common....

Here is a partial list of morning temps.
(6 am readings) (from the NWS)

We'll see temperatures rebound into the 30's for most of us...some may even hit 40+ in West TN. Here is our latest, local forecast

December Climate Summary from the NWS-Nashville

Looking back at this date from the year 2000....
On January 3rd...A very pleasant, almost spring-like day settles over the mid state. At Nashville, the high temperature reaches 72 degrees, with a low of 61. Elsewhere, Clarksville reports 71 degrees, Springfield, 69, Tullahoma, 68, Crossville, Lawrenceburg, and Murfreesboro, 66.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Single Digits Overnight!

We'll see lows drop into the single digits for many across the Cumberland Plateau region of Tennessee tonight. 10:00 pm observations show several stations between 11 and 12 degrees. See latest observations across Tennessee here.

It has been, by far, the coldest weather yet this season. It will also eclipse our coldest weather in 2007, which was 12.7 degrees. By the way, our high in 2007 was 102.7 on August 16th!

I'll continue posting over the next several days a weather review of 2007. It was an interesting year.

50's are in the forecast by the weekend, but we'll have another chilly day on Thursday and another very cold night before the warming trend takes over. Like I said in a previous post, we're watching another possible cold snap for the middle of January!

Very Cold Today

Temperatures this morning as I write this are quite cold across Tennessee. Here in Cookeville, we're at 14° at 6:15 a.m. Wind chill values have been as low as 5°

Across Tennessee at 6 am
Crossville 13 with a wind chill of 0
Dickson 14 with a wind chill of 6
Portland 15 with a wind chill of -1
Columbia 17 with a wind chill of 6
Nashville 18 with a wind chill of 7 (flurries flying)
Knoxville 19 with a wind chill of 8
Tri-Cities 16 with a wind chill of 3

Looks like those who voted YES, ACCUMULATING (with 24% of the vote) in the SNOW POLL will be the winners as we received enough snow to whiten the ground in places here on the Cumberland Plateau region of Middle Tennessee. Of course, I guess the "ONLY ON THE PLATEAU" (at 25%) folks could lay some claim to victory, too! Some in Tennessee received only flurries...those votes got 35% of the total on our first SNOW POLL.

Our latest, local forecast is calling for chances of snow this morning with highst only reaching the middle 20's today...tonight, another cold one (even colder than this morning) with lows around 11°....we do see moderating temperatures in the 7-day forecast...but are watching the computer models closely for what could be ANOTHER blast of cold air around the middle part of January.

Ran across an interesting weather post...Top 10 Strangest Natural Disasters in History...take a look at it...

That's all for now..if I get some good pictures, I'll post them!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Snow Pictures From Cookeville, TN!

Here is a shot of snow on the's blowing around quite nicely..can see it on the roads and in the yard. I'm sure there will be a few places where the roads may become slippery.
Here is the back patio and snow on our table! Guess we won't be grilling out and eating on this table and chairs tonight!'s COLD!

Snowy Upper Cumberland...

It appears those who voted 'flurries' on the poll will win this one...for quite a while, the NO vote was looking real good...but around sunset, we've seen numerous showers of snow. The next big question is...will it accumlate?...I don't think so (at this point!).

Well, it is back to work in the morning...I've enjoyed a nice break since before Christmas!

More later.
Flurries flying in the Upper Cumberland now. Awfully dry air, so I don`t think the snow will amount to much.
Watching bowl games at a relatives home here in Cookeville. It is cloudy and cold, but no snow is falling. Will update later.

Happy New Year 2008

A wonderful happy new year to all of you!

Let's get right to our weather. Currently (at 10 a.m. CST), it is sunny, windy, and cold. Temperatures are hovering in the middle 30's and are expected to fall the rest of the day. We also expect clouds to move and produce up to a dusting of snow.

Our local forecast here

2007 was a wild year for weather in Middle TN...a wrap-up here.

In case you want to see what our weather here in Cookeville is right now, click here for our web camera

So far, the NO votes are winning the snow is still early, but they are the early winners!

Keep up with all the winter weather action with the Winter Weather Links to the right of this post.

Lastly, thanks to all of you who stopped by to read my weather blog in was the best month for visitors that I've ever 2 and 1/2 times the best month ever...a VERY BIG THANKS from me! :)


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